Renewing Mind, Body, and Soul


Quotes In my usual stressed and busy day, yoga with Stephanie always was a time to bring me back to where I needed to be. She provided private lessons for myself and a friend together, and we were always in a better place after our session. Quotes
Relaxation that I needed

Quotes I have wanted to try yoga for some time. I finally mustered up the courage to attend a class and am proud to say I lived to tell about it. I felt right at home, was prompted for ways to modify positons when needed and could definitely tell I had a workout at the end. I look forward to classes this Fall! Quotes

Quotes Attending yoga has met several needs for me. It is spiritually soothing and refreshing to my soul, as well as nurturing my body. It is affording me much more flexibility in my range of motion, some increase in stability, and definitely more energy. I am pleased with my progress thus far :o) Quotes
Positive and Learning

Quotes Yoga is helping me to prepare for the up-coming golf season. The stretching is leading physically to increased flexibility, and it is also improving my mental acuity. Quotes
Paul Brecht
Happy Participant

Quotes Great class! I would highly recommend it. i am a beginner and it was easy to follow! Quotes

Quotes Your class was fun and challenging and flowed really well. You provided clear explanations of movements so that even a beginner like me could follow along. Quotes
Amy G

Quotes I loved how you started out with scripture... Quotes
Lynne R